Staff Services Autochoice

Staff Services Autochoice

Now Available to all NHS staff. 1 year FREE Membership of Staff Services with your car purchase

Call: 028 9063 8648 or Internal B.C.H. Ext 38648

Your new car could be only 5 steps away

with Staff Services Autochoice

22 January 2016
Your new car could be only 5 steps away

What is the Staff Services Car leasing scheme?

Who does it apply to?:

All NHS employees

Why is it such a great deal?

  • We have 27 manufacturers on board supplying exclusive offers direct to Staff Services
  • We can therefore provide the best exclusive offers to Staff Services members also with FREE membership for 1 year.
  • Non members can avail of 1 YEAR FREE membership with all benefits.   
  • We can supply any car and accommodate a part exchange.

How do I pick the car for me?

  • See our site:
  • If you don’t see the car you want fill in the enquiry form:
  • We will contact you with best quote possible
  • You can test drive at a location close to you, we have dedicated Staff Services staff based in dealerships throughout the province
  • If required, you can obtain a video of the specific car you are interested in purchasing.
  • Order your car with collection at a dealership or delivery to home or workplace.

How do I pay?

  • Pay £399 deposit followed by whatever monthly payment is on the car you choose,
  • Mileage can be whatever suits your need, from 8000 per year to 30000 per year. (All the examples on our web site are set for 10000 miles per year over 4 years)

What happens after the term of lease?

  • Option 1: You can buy the car at an agreed price at the end of the contract
  • Option 2: Return the car at the end of the contract at no charge subject to any re-conditioning costs  
  • Option 3: Start a new lease with a new car

Does the scheme affect my income tax?

  • The car will not be treated as a company car by the inland revenue, saving you a substantial amount per month
  • Unlike other schemes ours will not affect your pension nor affect your tax code

Do you wish different means of purchase?

Should you wish a different  method of payment please talk with Winston Stewart on 07912388941

Don’t just ask us see our testimonials

Step 1

Pick your car

Have a look at all the exclusive deals available through Staff Services on the Autochoice website. We cover all of the leading manufacturers and what is shown are only examples of what Staff Services can do for you.

Step 2

Call the car team

When you have seen the models that interest you, call the car team on 028 9063 8648 or email us at with your name and contact details. One of the team will listen to your requirements and help you with any quotes for other versions that you may not have seen advertised. The models advertised have monthly payments based on either £399 or £999 deposit. Quotations are available using different deposits, please ask for details.

Step 3

Arrange a test drive

Once you have decided upon the models that may suit you, if necessary we will arrange an appointment for you to have a test drive at your local franchised dealer. Staff Services have key members of staff in every dealership who will be there to meet you on arrival, accompany you on a test drive, illustrate the features of the model and answer any questions you may have. You can also view the colours and any optional extras you may like to order.

Step 4

Order your NEW car

Once you have decided on the make and model that you would like to order a member of our team will finalise the costs with you, collect some details from you and order the car. Once the car is ordered we will inform you of the confirmed delivery date and if required keep you up to date throughout the waiting time.

Step 5

Your NEW car delivered

Around 5 days before the car is due to arrive we will contact you with the insurance details so that you can inform your insurance company or broker of which day and time you hope to take delivery. At the same time we will make arrangements to deliver the car to you. We can either deliver the car to your home or work address and will endeavour to arrange a time and place that suits you best. On delivery, our driver will guide you through the hand over procedure which will include a full demonstration of the controls and a detailed review of the documents.