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What is the Staff Services Car leasing scheme?

Who does it apply to?:

All NHS employees

Why is it such a great deal?

  • We have 27 manufacturers on board supplying exclusive offers direct to Staff Services

  • We can therefore provide the best exclusive offers to Staff Services members also with FREE membership for 1 year.

  • Voucher for 1 YEAR FREE membership with all benefits.   

  • We can supply any car and accommodate a part exchange.

How do I pick the car for me?

  • See our site:

  • If you don’t see the car you want fill in the enquiry form:

  • We will contact you with best quote possible

  • You can test drive at a location close to you, we have dedicated Staff Services staff based in dealerships throughout the province

  • If required, you can obtain a video of the specific car you are interested in purchasing.

  • Order your car with collection at a dealership or delivery to home or workplace.

How do I pay?

  • Pay £399 deposit followed by whatever monthly payment is on the car you choose,

  • Mileage can be whatever suits your need, from 8000 per year to 30000 per year. (All the examples on our web site are set for 10000 miles per year over 4 years)

What happens after the term of lease?

  • Option 1: You can buy the car at an agreed price at the end of the contract

  • Option 2: Return the car at the end of the contract at no charge subject to any re-conditioning costs  

  • Option 3: Start a new lease with a new car

Does the scheme affect my income tax?

  • The car will not be treated as a company car by the inland revenue, saving you a substantial amount per month

  • Unlike other schemes ours will not affect your pension nor affect your tax code

Do you wish different means of purchase?

Should you wish a different  method of payment please talk with Winston Stewart on 07912388941

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FREE membership of Staff Services

On purchase of a new car you are entitled to 1 year free membership of Staff Services. This is in the form of a voucher equivalent to 1 year membership for both members & non-members.

To avail of the free membership for non-members they are required to complete an online membership form on the Staff Services website. Staff Services can then send you a members digital card, hard copy card & pack, allowing you to avail of over 1000 money saving offers Province wide as well as Nationally.

How it works -  5 Steps to your new car

New car?

It could be only 5 steps away

Refer a colleague - Get £50 cash

Refer a colleague

Receive £50 cash if your referral buys a car.

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Testimonials - Hear from some of our Staff Services Autochoice customers


Hear from some of our Staff Services Autochoice customers

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